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Our Services

When you attend one of our free seminars

We describe the true costs of attending college, the forms everyone should fill out to obtain grants and loans, how colleges decide what amount of aid to offer in grants and in loans, and how the Expected Family Contribution is calculated. We allow time for everyone attending to ask questions of general interest.

Our free seminars are offered several times a month at Fort Mason Center. We are pleased to offer customized workshops to individual schools, parent groups, and parent-student groups at times convenient for your attendees.

Once you’ve attended one of our free seminars, we encourage you to schedule an individual consultation so that we can address questions you may have about your particular situation. We offer each client one customized session on an hourly fee basis.

When you come in for your initial consultation

We’ll talk with you about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form and the College Scholarship Service Profile (CSS Profile), which are the most important forms that colleges use to make most of their financial aid decisions. We’ll help you understand how these complex financial aid forms work.

Also during this consultation, we’ll run some preliminary estimates that give you an idea of what your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) might be for some of your student’s top college choices. These estimates will include some projections of how much your family’s EFC might be reduced if you enroll in one of Beacon’s multi-year service packages. Generally, we expect your cost savings will pay for your package within the first year.

When you purchase a Beacon Service Package

Beacon will analyze your family’s unique financial situation to determine the best methods for your family to meet college cost obligations.

We’ll help you to align your assets to best protect them in consideration of the way federal financial aid calculations work.

We’ll make sure you’re aware of the tax implications of college expenses and scholarships, and we’ll help you look for the most tax-efficient borrowing strategies. We’ll make sure your forms are completed accurately and submitted on time so that your family gets the greatest aid eligibility advantage.

So that you can plan to meet critical college timelines and deadlines, Beacon will keep you on track weekly and monthly by giving you and your student checklists and reminders.

In addition to our initial financial review and assistance with forms, Beacon stands by your family through the college and aid application processes.

Beacon helps your student choose the best college. Supplementing the services provided by your high school’s guidance counselors, Beacon helps your student define his/her educational focus, career goals, cultural interests, learning styles, and skills.  With these and your family’s identified financial goals in mind, we’ll identify and suggest colleges for your student to consider for applications.

Beacon helps your student compete for the best financial aid. Once your FAFSA form has been evaluated, you’ll receive your Student Aid Report (SAR) and a definition of your Expected Family Contribution (EFC).  Beacon will review your SAR for accuracy and guide your family through the process of making any warranted appeals.

Beacon helps your family compare costs and aid packages. When you’ve received your acceptance letters and financial aid offers, Beacon will evaluate all your options and show you how the costs and benefits compare.

We’re with you for the long haul. Every year your student remains a full-time undergraduate, we review your financial situation, adjust your plan if necessary, and update your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.

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